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Claim Your Trip Around Australia As A Tax Deduction

Did you realise that with careful planning you are entitled to claim your living and travelling expenses while working a Seasonal Circuit around Australia? By the time you claim your food, accommodation and motor vehicle expenses there is not a lot left to pay tax on. So if your employers have been deducting tax from your wages you can look forward to a refund when you lodge your tax return. There is only one catch, careful record keeping is required.

Don't miss out, get it right and get your tax back.

Beachmere And Ningi Taxation Accounting Computer Services (BAN TACS) have put together a booklet, for us, that explains, in detail, what is required. As an extra service to our members this booklet is available to view, download or print completely free of charge by clicking below:

BAN TACS have also prepared worksheets to help you keep the best possible records. Careful attention is required here as the most important element in a successfully claim is the documentation. The worksheets should be completed as you go, so start now! These worksheets are available to our members, free of charge, by clicking below: 

Travelling Workers Income Tax Return Checklist

The BAN TACS web site provides all the information that travelling workers require to prepare their records and complete their tax return remotely.
BAN TACS have set up a system just to meet the needs of travelling workers. There are step by step instructions on putting together your information. This is then posted to BAN TACS' Queensland office. The return is prepared and a copy e-mailed to you. You simply check the details sign it and post it back to BAN TACS who will then lodge it and arrange for the refund to be deposited into your nominated bank account approximately 2 weeks later.

If you do not use e-mail they can ring you when the return is prepared and then post it to you current address over night. If at any time you require a copy of your taxation information simply ring their office and they will e-mail or post it to you wherever you are. They also provide a permanent address for all your financial information. For example your can use BAN TACS' address for all your employers so your PAYG summaries all end up at the one place. This can also be used for your investment documents. They will check the mail received and forward, any information that is not relevant to their needs, onto Mail Away so it will catch up with you wherever you are. They can keep you up to date with changes to tax laws through their free e-mail Newsflash. To take a look at BAN TACS' tax return checklist click below and go to Travelling Workers on their main menu:

Link to Ban Tacs Web Site
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If you can't B.A.N. T.A.C.S. at least minimise it legally !


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